• Partial scholarships are available (call 720-865-3415 or email info@thefirstteedenver.org for more information).
  • Students may bring their own clubs or borrow from our assortment of different sized clubs.
  • We recommend that students bring a water bottle, hat, and wear sunscreen.
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before class start time. Classes will start promptly as scheduled.
  • Depending on the threat level, we may cancel class and reschedule. Shelter will be taken in
    the bar and grill if necessary.
  • For more information please visit eagletracegolfclub.com
  • For questions about location or staff click here.


AGES 4-8 – $200

Chip Shots is a program geared towards younger children (ages 4 – 8) looking to start the game of golf. We will use Birdie balls (limited flight) with an emphasis on fun we guarantee your junior will leave exhausted but eagerly wanting to come back next week.


Ages (9-14) $250

Birdie level classes are another fun based introduction to golf through physical activities, golf instruction and progressive on-course activities including competitions , foot golf and regular golf. This is the best option for those new  to the game and who want to learn with friends. Many juniors enjoy repeating the Birdie Class, The next step up for serious players is the EAGLE CLUB! Contact brandon@thefirstteeofdenver.com for more information on how to join.